Moonshiner The Grail

Moonshiner The Grail

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The Grail - Moonshiner E Liquid 



So many rich flavors in one e liquid might make you want to clap it up for the genius that managed to come up with it. The Grail is the e liquid that is going to give you a classic taste but adds a couple more flavors to make your vaping trip even more memorable. When you take a pull of this e liquid, you can taste the amazing tobacco flavor that is going to make you feel as if several dry rich tobacco leaves are making themselves feel at home in your mouth. Hey, mi casa es su casa! As you keep savoring this delicious blend, you to taste this custard flavor that is also going to make this e liquid have a creamier texture than you expected. The pecans that were added to this blend are going to give this e liquid a crunchy sensation that is going to taste amazing. Finally, the last flavor that this e liquid is going to give you is maple syrup. However, this is not your regular maple because it is going to be coming from our Northern buddies in Canada. Those Canadians sure know how to make it right. When all of these flavors come together, they will make your taste buds go crazy because of all the different flavors that are going to be scattered around. The throat hit is going to be small, but you will still be able to taste a little something that will enhance the flavors even more. When you think it is a reasonable time to start exhaling, you can taste the rich flavors making a smooth and relaxing exit. The clouds are going to be huge and aromatic. They will hang around for a while and let you know that this is the e liquid that keeps on giving. When they finally disappear, you can enjoy the second pull, and perhaps a couple more if you feel like you deserve to go on a couple more trips with this delicious e liquid. 


Primary Flavors: Custard, Pecan, Tobacco, Maple


PG/VG: 20/80